Interlinings are that all important ‘what goes on behind the scenes’, which makes all the difference to the overall look and feel of your project. It can be disappointing if your project feels insubstantial and flimsy, so the aim is to use enough interlining to structure and support your bag etc. but not so much that it feels ‘over engineered’. Some of this is down to personal preference, experience and your project but everything needs a little something.

Interlining is used to add stiffness to fabric. Most interlining you’ll find in a craft store today is fusible, and it’s applied to the wrong side of the fabric with an iron. There’s also non-fusible interfacing, which needs to be sewn in, and works best on fabrics that do not tolerate heat or are too loosely woven (the glue from fusible interfacing may seep through to the right side of the garment).

Our interlining is fusible and comes in two weights: light/medium weight and firm. The weight of the interfacing should be equal to, or a bit lighter than, the fabric. All our interlinings come with instructions for use.

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